Thursday, December 6, 2012

One Month Milestone!

I cannot find an un-cliched way of saying this, but boy, time does fly. Manya is already a month old!

Here's what she's been upto:
  • Our baby loves constant noise, chatter - sleeps soundly through most noise. We infact used a metronome set at 120 beats a minute for her night time. She is slowly getting off that - mostly because mommy needs absolute silence for her sleep!
  • She feeds pretty much on-demand (more about this in a later post).
  • Poor baby gets frequent hiccuping bouts - some of which may last upto 15-20 minutes. She patiently hiccups while we fuss around her to make her comfortable.
  • She loves it when her nappy is being changed and she's being cleaned. 
  • She absolutely hates sponge baths - especially the time when her sleeves have to be removed, stomach has to be cleaned or massaged with cream. 
  • As much as she hates her sponge baths, she loves the hot water baths. From the first time on, she has taken an instant liking for her oil massages, is an absolute angel in the bath tub (we put it against the bathroom mirror, and she keeps adoring herself - what a narcissist!), and is extremely patient when we are transporting her slithery, wriggling body to and fro from the changing station.
  • Her highness also loves to have her hair massaged, cleaned, brushed and generally stroked all day through!
  • Keeping my fingers crossed on this one: She preserves her crying only for when it is absolutely necessary - when her hunger cues are not picked up for almost 4-5 minutes, when she scratches her self with her own long and always-growing nails or when she is extremely bored and irritated, the latter mostly because of gas!
  • She focuses extremely well on people and objects - even to the extent of frowning. Follows movements.
  • Has not taken an interest to any toys yet. Though, she is slowly responding to the hanging animals in her play gym. Doesn't mind being plonked on her recliner/bouncer but can stay put only for 10-15 minutes.
  • No story telling seems to particularly interest her. She quietens down instantly when I read from The Economist to her. Quite funny that she likes the monotonous sound of the reading to all the antics I do during the story telling.
  • Old McDonald, This old man, and Rudolph are her lullabies. (Mostly because mommy can't sing to save her life and these don't require her to be melodious.)
  • She smiles and laughs now (I don't know if it is yet an emotional response or just a muscle twitch ;) even when awake - earlier all the laughs and the gurgles and the chuckles were only during dream time!
  • She hates being swaddled too tight - likes her arms and legs free. Hates mittens and socks too!
  • She throws her arms around all day as if she was conducting an orchestra. Legs are kicked a million times in a million directions and she has begun to move herself diagonally or left/right when lying down. She doesn't mind being on her tummy, so we don't have a problem with her pediatrician recommended "tummy times".
  • No distinct sleep pattern as yet...though I have begun to notice that she is perhaps more awake early mornings and late evenings.
  • Touch wood again on this one - she seems to be extremely visitor friendly - no fussing, no crying - absolutely well behaved in strange environments like the car or the doctor's clinic! And I must get into details of this one in another post.
  • And this one with a sigh: She hates the crib, and instead prefers sleeping between mommy and daddy in the nights. Tries to reach out to both of us in the middle of the night. Keeps knocking at our bodies if we have our backs turned towards her!
  • She spends a lot of time admiring mom's hair (the only person in this entire universe to do so), and loves the cheek to cheek time with daddy in the mornings.
  • Last but not the least; Not many car rides as yet - but she is lulled to sleep with daddy's driving!
All in all, the princess has being quite the cooperative baby; and generally, any complaints or disciplining tactics from mommy and daddy are met with a grunt from everybody else. We are told to count are blessings and not trouble Manya :D. And we mostly try not to :P.


  1. Now that's a real angel. Touchwood!!

  2. lullabis are In the jungle the mighty jungle and old MAC donald...You know when u will keep singiing these for long she will start recognizing them after few months


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