Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Power nap/ Yoga nidra

It is no secret that with the joy of mommyhood come countless sleepless nights and days. Between frequent feeds, diapering duties, burping, bath times, changing clothes, and other items on an endlessly long list, sleep is the last thing that 'happens'. I won't even get into the details of dark circles and blotchy skin and all the nasty side effects.
All for the greater love, they say. So be it :D.

The minute you announce the news of your pregnancy, friends, relatives. all and sundry, will surely give you one advice, "Sleep well, rest well." However, well meaning the advice maybe and I even concede, rest is important; but I always felt (and still feel) that you can't really stack up on the sleep quota - something like if you know you are going to fast next month, you can't eat double the previous month! 

So, ofcourse I rested a lot during the nine months, it still didn't come in handy post November 6th. Now, what would have me better prepared? A good course on how to get power naps or yoga nidra. For details on these concepts check Wikipedia: Power nap | Yoga nidra

Forget all those Lamaze classes, childbirth classes, labor and delivery classes etc., I feel a mandatory class should be not on breathing but sleeping. I ruefully admire my husband as he gets up refreshed from his 15 minute snooze and I am still tossing and turning to first fall asleep. It takes me atleast 30 mins to fall asleep and sadly, that luxury has not been offered to me till now! I wonder if it ever will be. And anyways, how does one learn power napping? Any ideas?


  1. I went thro the same thing. Here's the post: http://advaithandyukta.blogspot.in/2010/09/art-of-power-nap.html
    Read the comments section for tips!

  2. Oh my god! i had nine months to practice this and never did - hoping to start now!!! and I am sure Vish will ask u this - how did u survive b school without power naps :D.

  3. i was some one who will do anything for sleep.I remember sleeping all night even in my exams..but today i barely sleep and even 4-5 hour of sleep is enough for me to survive through out the day.It took me 6 months to get the art.

    1. oops! i have just started practicing!


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