Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mommy is now also a full time manicurist!

So, our darling daughter was born with really long nails - which she learnt to put to use from day 1. She scratched her face atleast a couple of times in the first 48 hours itself. Don't even begin asking why I didn't put mittens on - that she hated/hates them is an understatement!

The minute we were back from the hospital, trimming her nails was the first on my to-do. Now, anybody who has seen a newborn (carefully) knows that the skin is so close to the nail, that even the most careful of attempts at using a nail cutter could result in a catastrophe. Also, I remembered all too well my SIL's post on how she had managed to nip her daughter's nail once. I was convinced - if she managed to do that, there was no way I was going to even attempt to try using a nail clipper. And, hence, I went about researching and guess what I found:

This is a tempered glass nail filer available on Amazon. Tell me, it's not cute :D. It requires some effort and force but you cannot cut your baby's skin even if you used it in your sleep. Requires patience too because obviously it takes longer, and you have to file more frequently than you would trim. But, it's all well worth it.

The flip side? The nail filer is as effective as any emery board filer but it's 10 times the price. The reason I still bought it - because I wanted something cute and likeable! Considering the fact that I have to file Manya's nails every two days (yes, that's how fast her nails grow), I'd rather have something nice to keep myself motivated (yes, i derive happiness out of simple, mean things :P)!!!


  1. Nice one...I remember the very first person who cut advaith's nails (he was about 5-6 days old) was my friend and ex-roommate who had come down to chennai to visit!!! After that it was only sanjay for several months :)

    1. really? u r kind of making a deemi god out of sanjay ;!


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