Friday, January 11, 2013

Needles pierced | Tears shed

Earlier this week, Manya got her first set of immunization shots. I was extremely anxious and for good reason - poor baby had to get three shots at one go, plus an oral dose. I am a person who freaks out at the sight of a needle reaching towards me, even now, so you cannot even imagine how cruel I thought it was to poke our little girl. With all the advancement in science, why can't we have oral doses for all baby vaccinations, infact, make that all vaccinations. I hope somebody somewhere is doing serious research on this.

So the story goes like this. Manya was in one of her best moods ever - she didn't sleep thru the car ride, looked around with great curiosity - her first "awake" car ride! She cheerfully let the nurse check her weight, height - didn't even mind the cold thermometer placed in her armpits. The doc was impressed by her smiling and cooing - and called her "extremely" social for her age. (Needless to say, my husband was quick to note that that one trait came straight from me :P.)

And  then, we entered the "shot room". She was smiling as usual till the moment the first needle was inserted...
...And then all hell broke loose. Her face turned the deepest shade of tomato red; flood gates were opened as copious tears flowed; and all sound barriers were broken as she screamed her loudest scream.

I am not exaggerating - she could be heard bawling a floor up and a floor down. I just couldn't control my tears - much to Vish's exasperation who claimed he could handle only one crying person at a time and he'd rather pick the person who actually went through the pain. So off he went pacifying her for a good 10 minutes after which she was calm and lulled into sleep. Thank god. I didn't have the guts to hold her then!

Now, I am hoping the next shots are easier ... on me atleast! I'd rather be the cool, chilled out, practical mom than a teary eyed sissy :( :(.


  1. Its so horrible to see them get shots. I hate that one instant when the needle pricks the skin and the shock on the baby's face - amma how could you let this happen to me - is heartbreaking.
    Sorry to say this but this may not get any better - yukta still screams the roof down. Only solution = get the husband to do all immunization visits so that you are spared the trauma (can't do much about the baby's trauma tho!!!)
    Poor manya - hope there was no fever etc after the visit.

    1. oh yes that expression of being betrayed!!!!

      no fever but drowsiness and slight crankiness

  2. Awwww, hugs. It's atrocious that those tiny creatures have to bear the brunt of needles. How can any mamma be quietly watching the scene?

    Take care, Yuvika.

    Joy always,

  3. I remember Smyan's too... After the first time I would never go in when it actually happens, I usually let the husband do the handling....I was crying while it was being done, can't stand it even now :(

    1. oops. i thought first time wud make us tougher!


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