Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pink n blue n...

... brown n red n yellow n green n black b many more!

Colors excite me. I sincerely believe that if worn in the right material, with the right combination, carrying the right attitude, anybody and everybody can carry off any color. And, babies and children look good in all  colors, yet yet, what I have realized in these months, shopping for Manya - that it is so difficult to dress baby girls in anything but boring pink. Why? Because the stores don't have anything else.

First, let's set the record straight: I love pink. But overdoing any color in a wardrobe makes it dull. I am surprised that baby clothes' makers don't realize this. As of now, we rely mostly on Carter's for Manya's clothes and just checkout the girl's section - it is incredibly boring: mostly whites and pinks. This is most obvious in the physical store, where there are two departments: pink and blue. Though, I have to admit that the boy's section has more variety in terms of style and color. While girls clothing has cute monkeys and teddies, boy's clothes boast of themes such as soccer and jungle safaris and music in bright colors. Why can't my daughter be a rockstar with a guitar or be on daddy soccer team? It's a little annoying, you know!

So guess what I do to bring color and variety into Manya's life (:D): I shop at all three sections: girl, boy and neutral. It is super fun to do so and I often congratulate myself for having a daughter because I very well realize that there is only so much you can experiment with your little guy's clothing!


  1. I think its actually better in India. Although pink dominates, there are a lot of other colours and motifs as well. Funnily enough for boys clothes I now feel that the US is better!! Especially slightly older boys.
    Anyways, make hay while the sun shines :) It's just terrific shopping for girls clothes! :)

  2. I am sure India is better! For biys, actually there are a lot of options here, no doubt!


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