Monday, January 7, 2013

The second month just rolled by...

Our feisty angel is 2 months old now and here are the highlights:
  • Manya no longer needs the metronome at bed time - much to mommy's delight who couldn't sleep with that constant noise! 
  • Her day time feeding schedule is still erratic because of her acid reflux (which has slightly improved), and she still gets up for her 2-3 hourly feeds at night. I have stopped reading forums where mothers boast of babies who sleep for 6 hours straight at night at just 6 weeks!
  • While on the subject of her feeding, she is quite a social diner: she wants to first look at me, coo a little, smile a little (confusing me if she has a trapped air bubble or if it is a genuine smile), and then get on with the job, while continuously staring at me. It's all cute, except when she wants to do this entire routine at her 1 AM and 3 AM feeds!
  • She continues to be well behaved, though a wee bit more expressive and obstinate about her demands. Her smiles and laughs and gurgles have increased. There is some occasional cooing too. And, when she cries, it's a whole lot louder!
  • She plays almost everyday at the play gym - quite excitedly at that.
  • Mommy has been showing her books and toys. Very little interest but she loves change in voice tones when being spoken too - responds especially well to daddy's sessions that include a whole lot of rough play and jostling around!
  • She moves her legs and hands very well now - a whole lot less jerky. She loves being on her tummy, only because she finds it convenient to suck her hand :(!
  • And she has an obsession - Our ceiling fan! She keeps staring at it and even smiles at it. Oh by the way, if while feeding she is not facing it - she'll stop her feed to turn in that direction. Some days it is so irritating, I feel like pulling that fan off!
  • She has started listening to Bach (daddy's influence) and Julie Andrews (mommy's influence). We are yet to figure out what she prefers, though!
  • Mommy has forced the 8 PM lights off rule. Our darling has been adhering to it with very little deviance. And if she gets a full night's sleep (ofcourse apart from the feedings), she is up bright and sunny at around 5 AM and then sleeps again only by 7 or 8 AM. Much to daddy's plight, she can't tell weekends from weekdays and so we have to ensure she is entertained well in those early hours!
  • And something not so pleasant: She will get her first set of vaccinations tomorrow and I have been so nervous thinking about it.
The verdict: She is growing real fast. Her arms, her legs, her eyelashes, especially. Oh, how I love staring at them! 


    1. Aww good luck with the vaccinations!
      And she is already on her tummy eh - cute.
      And nice read as usual.

      1. thanks! we survived he shots - post soon up.
        oh no she's not on her tummy - not even rolled over yet - i meant when i put her on her tummy..

    2. Fingers crossed she continues to be well behaved...who are these babies who sleep for 6 hours straight??? I'm sure they don't exist! :)

      1. i know, fingers crossed! in my world they do not :D

    3. Wow, good luck mamma and pappa. Looks like the angel is fit and lovely. Big hugs to the baby and the mamma.

      Joy always,

      1. thanks susan! manya sends her smiles and coos!


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