Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A quarter of a year...

According to some definitions, our baby is no longer a new born but has graduated to infant status :). Here's what's going on: 
  • Manya is incredibly social for her age. She listens attentively, smiles at everyone, vocalizes all her coos and aahs exceptionally well and mostly quite loudly too, that you may actually think she is shouting at mommy and daddy. Sometimes, it also seems that she's rolling complicated words and long sentences in her mouth, and then a long wuuaaaan comes out. Loud and demanding would be an apt phrase for her. She loves attention - she needs to be spoken to - and the more serious conversation you have the more responses you get from her. No baby talk please :D. If she wants to be carried, or wants to play or wants to feed, she starts with gentle cooing and then it crescendos into screams, mind you these are not cries. Only when she is pushed to the limits, does the mouth begin to shape into a cry. And that hardly happens, because by then mommy and daddy would have already been subdued in submission with all the shouting. 
  • This might seem in ironic contrast to above, but Manya is extremely patient. I plonk her on her bouncer and do all my cooking, cleaning, laundry  and other mundane chores. As long as she is fed and not sleepy or tired, she happily follows me with her lovely big eyes, and merrily chit chats (quite literally, I tell you!). 
  • Also, I can't brag enough about her myriad expressions: her full frowns, half frowns, those "what's up guys" looks, and that "have you lost it" glance, oh, and her "what was that about" gaze, her smirks, smiles, laughs and chuckles, and those cute indulgent smiles: I swear to god she has all those expressions that you would primarily associate with adults!
  • Her latest fascination: her own fingers and toes! She lifts her legs up and wonders in amazement at her toes, which these days are usually covered by socks or the toed end of her overalls! She then admires her fingers - one at a time, then closes them in a fist and tries to put her entire fist in her mouth. It is so funny to watch as she tries to keep opening her mouth bigger and bigger to accommodate the size of the fist. 
  • Now, that takes me to the next development: everything goes in the mouth! Her grip has always been very strong and precise and now she has learnt to use it to cause havoc in our lives. If the fist is not in the mouth, she tries to suck her sleeve, if not that, she pulls the ends of her tops and blankets to her mouth - she even tries to pull her pajamas up! If you hold her hand, she'll try to take that in too!
  • Though she hasn't rolled over yet (may I add that she doesn't even bother trying), she very often turns to her side and plays with her hands or sucks on her fist. It started with trying to avoid our watchful gaze, I think, and now she does it all the time!
  • I put her on her tummy much more frequently and for longer duration - she does well at it mostly. She moves her head from one side to the other with ease, and has started lifting her head a full 90 degrees and once in a while also pushes her chest up, and even tries to flip onto her back - that last one is scary to watch though!
  • We have begun taking her out in the stroller. She enjoys her outings. It was super cute to watch her wide-eyed staring at everything and everyone at the stores we went to. 
  • Her obsession with ceiling fixtures, especially fans, that I talked about before, has reached newer heights - now she coos and smiles at the fan!!!
  • Another development: say hello to drool! She bubbles her saliva, and in the beginning even that looked cute (parents are a biased lot!), but now it's just messy and means more cleaning for us!
  • No, I will not complain about her feeds, I will just write a celebratory post when her highness goes on a schedule instead of only on-demand!
  • And, on a concluding note, another one of my daughter's narcissistic tendencies: If you take her in front of the mirror when she's bawling, she stops crying the instant she sees her reflection in the mirror!  


  1. totally awwwww post!!! She seems like very well-advanced for her age (no I'm not biased - whatever gave u that idea???).I'm keeping fingers crossed she does not develop any stranger anxiety by the time I get there!

    1. ofcourse u r not biased :D. as of now she loves people or strangers if u will. if atleast that part she has inherited from me then she might not have any stranger anxiety! apparently i never did :)

  2. It is very nice reading all the little details about Manya's growing up - this site for sure will be the most cherished gift to her...And about the last point - both my boys loved to see their reflection a lot, Siddhu liked it more (there was a very small mirror in his gym mat and he always looked into it)...Also, that part every a parent feels everything that their kid does is cute is VERY TRUE...

    1. It's fun to write all this. I love reading your posts abt the boys too!


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