Thursday, February 21, 2013

First long drive and a social visit!

Three firsts achieved this Sunday:
  • Manya's first long drive (about 45 minutes). 
  • First inter-state drive - From Virginia to Maryland
  • First social visit - We were visiting Vish's cousins; she had only been to the doctor's, the temple and the grocery stores uptil Sunday.
So, how did we fare? Quite well; I gave an almost 10/10 to Manya. The car rides were smooth. She did fuss a little while going and some more (about 8-9 minutes) on our way back, but that's about it! At our cousin's place, she was pretty much at home. Happy and cheerful - Smiling at everyone - And thoroughly enjoying her VIP status! Not to mention, how she bathed in the glory of all the attention (and gifts) she was receiving. This one is going to be one spoilt brat!

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