Friday, March 15, 2013

Our in-house acrobat!

The chipmunk is pulling out new tricks from her sleeve every other day, much to the delight of eager spectators :D. Here are some of the acrobatics:
  • Guess what's going in the mouth these days - madame's own toes! Yes, it's disgusting, but very funny too. The first instance was when I turned around to get a fresh diaper, only to turn back and see that Manya had her hand firmly grasping her leg and the toe steadily inside the mouth.
  • When being carried, she tries to crawl/climb up and down. Mind you, it's not slithering - she actually uses her legs in a walk-like fashion!
  • She has developed a dance move that is somewhere between wriggling and twisting. She does it all the time - on her bouncer, on the bed, on the lap!
  • Teething or not, she is a raging tiger at most times during the day - ready to pounce and bite on on anything and anyone - her favorites being mommy's jaw line and daddy's cheeks!
  • 99% of the times, you will find her legs up in the air in a very neat gymnast posture - she can also sleep like that - Imagine my plight trying to cover her with a blanket in the nights!
  • Another of her favorite pastimes is pulling her socks out and pulling her PJs up - using her hands!
  • We also have a copycat in the making. During feeding her cereal, I often wipe around her mouth with a cloth. She has lately started doing that on her own during her cereal eating sessions - she picks up the cloth from her lap and wipes her mouth with it. It's all cute except for the fact that her entire attention is on wiping rather than eating!


  1. My favourite is the cloth. How cute she must look clutching it!!! Copycat...or....she has picked up some Virgoan traits from her mother? Cleanliness first????


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