Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcoming Spring...

The little lion is 4 months old. We celebrated (:D) the day by going out (in the thick of the storm) for her doctor's check-up and shots on what has been the worst snow day of the season. 

Here are other updates:
  • Her smiles from morning to night are a source of constant joy to us. She is also usually in some euphoric giddiness with it taking very little to get a whole-hearted laugh out of her.
  • She has started looking very intently at books that I read out to her (It's another matter that just when I am delighted at the sight of her holding a board book, she shuts it tight!). She reaches out for soft toys too now. Loves playing with small-sized balls. But of course, is most interested in faces and expressions and conversations.
  • Like I mentioned in an earlier post, she has rolled over. However, the only time she loves to roll is when I am sleeping next to her - so that's during the afternoon naps and bedtime at night!
  • Mommy and daughter have established a regular mirror routine to get over the crankier times.
  • Mommy has become bolder and has upgraded to nail clippers from the filer. It's less time consuming but I have to be double cautious now.
  • I have a feeling that our cub is teething - she has been gnawing at everything, quite ferociously, and makes those typical biting gestures. The doc says she won't cut teeth for another month or two, so meanwhile we are coping with her teething tantrums!
  • On the ped's recommendation, I plan to start her on rice cereal and oatmeal in a day or two - so more updates coming up on that!
Meanwhile, this is how spring looks here:


  1. I'm sure the doc must have given her some teething meds like a gel or something?? Otherwise if u wanna try homeopathy which I personally found super effective, whole foods has some stuff for kids. poor manya, teething is so annoying!!

    1. it is super annoying! the homeopathy helps relive the pain but the biting sensation is as acute!

  2. And pl tell more about the mirror routine!!

    1. Oh so the narcissist mom and narcissist daughter get in front of the mirror - point out our facial features - then do near and far, up and down - all this while looking into the mirror :D.

  3. YEYEYE! Little princess is all set for her first cereal..:)
    Since Anvika was three month old I use to feel she is teething but till date she is toothless :D

    1. Yes, we started the cereal! and lol on the teeth!


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