Friday, April 26, 2013

The first "real" outdoor outing!

Though Manya has been to the grocery stores, clinics, pharmacies, and even on a social visit and a long drive, she had her first "real" outdoor outing a couple of days back when we took her for a short visit to the East Potomac Park and the Tidal Basin in Washington DC to catch the last of the cherry blossoms.

We left the house at 6:15 AM. Yes, I got the AM bit right. Manya is the most active, cheerful and predictable in the mornings. So after a quick feed, we packed ourselves in the car to view the rising sun on the 267. We parked at the East Potomac Park - quite a prestigious spot :D. Though there were quite a few vacant lots, we were surprised at the number of early morning visitors. 

Her royal highness was very cooperative and supportive of our walk around the Tidal Basin, till the goddamn sun came out and hit her face. She lost all patience and howled. Oh, god, she must have really gone on me. I too so hate the sun on my face. So, we had to cut short our grand plans of the entire walk around and after soaking in the views for about 45 minutes, we were on our way back.

Most important lesson learnt:
  • Expose Manya to bright light outings more often. We can't do without the sun now, can we?

All in all, I gave Manya a very high 9/10 for the trip, considering her sun-hating genes are not entirely her fault.

(P.S. Don't even ask about the pictures. No, don't you dare go there. The SD card ate them all up and I have still not gotten over the loss. Almost, as if Manya punished us for the sun :()

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Goodbye to the "I am a new mommy" excuse!

Yes, I finally sat up this weekend and decided enough was enough. I had to snap out of the "just delivered"/ "have a new born"/ "am a new mommy" mould. I was beginning to feel old and decadent - and that is a very scary feeling. 

So here's what I need to do to "reinvent" myself, in the most cliched way: (I promise I will do a periodic analysis to see where I stand.)
  • Get a hair cut: How simple is that! I read on a friend's FB status, "When a woman decides to change her lifestyle, she first gets a haircut." Very true. I was quick to act on this one and got some spring cleaning out of the way :D.
  • Get back in shape: I am 3 massive kilos away from my pre-pregnancy weight (3 might seem a small number but those of have been there and done that know that it's the last couple of pounds that are the hardest to knock off). Not only do I need to shed those off, I need an intensive toning routine too. All the pregnancy and nursing curves and bags need to be tucked in!
  • Get rid of my yoga pants: I need to just throw these away. My best friends during pregnancy, I have worn these everywhere: to the hospital, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, gym and to the bed! And now I have got so used to these shapeless comforting wonders, that these are the only clothes I reach out for in my closet every single day.
  • Dust the cobwebs off the heels: Oh, how I loved wearing heels! It's been more than a year now. Wore them briefly once recently, and boy, it felt great.
  • Get some paint on the nails: Ever since the 8th month of my pregnancy, when I no longer could see my toes, I stopped painting them. Trimming them was a huge exercise in itself, forget pedicures. While I still can't paint my finger nails (for obvious reasons of safety and hygiene for the little one), it's about time my toes got a makeover!
  • Eat out atleast once a fortnight: This one depends a lot on Manya's comfort levels in restaurants  but we need to begin taking her out for the litmus test. I am really hoping for a nice wining and dining evening. Oops, wining can't happen cos I am nursing, but well, dining surely can!
  • Blog regularly: And not just on this mommy blog, but my other one too!
  • Resume reading: I seriously need to restart reading. And I mean proper adult reading, because all that I am reading these days (barring the few parenting magazines I received) is Sam and his little sister, Sleepy Owl, Goodnight Moon, Off we go to grandma's house, Bear on a trike, and the likes. You get the drift right?
  • Call friends: I need to pick up the damn phone and make a few gazillion calls to all those patient friends, who have constantly kept in touch all this while, while getting a superfluous "Call you soon" in response from me!
Anything else that I am forgetting? Please feel free to use the comments section to remind me :)!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bath Times = Fun Times

I don't know if it is the change in weather or our little babe has grown up, but for the past fortnight or so, our bath times have become a lot of fun. 

I remember mentioning in a previous post, how Manya has never ever fussed during the entire bath routine. From her very first bath, she has been the epitome of patience and good cheer, as mommy and daddy gingerly handled her during the oil massages and the actual bathing. However, her facial expression was always stoic - and I bet that if she could talk, she would tell us, "Guys, be careful and be done with this as soon as possible, I am not sure you really know what you are doing or how this feels like". It would melt my heart to see her nervously clutching the sides of the bath tub with both her hands, as she'd stare at our images in the mirror next to the tub. No cries, no complaints, very sober; at most she'd get distracted to admire her self :D.

Cut to the present. We have a giddy cherub wriggling naked on the mat as mommy massages her hair and body with what mommy thinks to be the best oil ever (olive). Then, as the water is filled in the bath tub, the cub rolls and flips all over. And, then the real fun starts when she is in the tub. No more holding tight to the rim - we have her splashing her legs in the water, smiling, laughing, trying to catch hold of the mug and merrily  letting the water fall all over her hair, eyes, face. 
(P.S. I can swear by my life that Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash is indeed tear free!)

While I get to enjoy this everyday, Vish has only the weekends but the two of them, daddy and daughter, make quite an adorable sight playing with the water!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

5 Month Milestone

Yes, yes, that time of the month again. The li'l darling is 5 months old and continues to rock (pun very much intended) our lives!
  • She flips from her tummy to back, the minute I put her on her tummy for mandated tummy time or pre-bath oil massages! And on the other hand, she is so lazy to roll from her back to her tummy on her own. She seems to not have any motivation to do so. 
  • She laughs ever so whole-heartedly with so much chuckling and chortling that you'll think she is surrounded by jokers all the time.
  • Her vocalization is very good - lots of haaas, waana, maaas. At certain times, you'd almost thing she said something meaningful :D. Oh, and she talks to everyone and everything - fans, curtains, pillows, bulbs, doors, windows - I really mean every damn thing!
  • Her night sleep has been quite a bit napish this whole month. Hoping for more "sleepful" times ahead!
  • Her favorite sleeping positions are on her side and on her tummy! Trust her to just do the opposite of what is recommended (sleeping on the back, that is)!
  • As I had mentioned before, she has started on cereal. We have begun alternating between rice and oats. She cheerfully sits through her eating time, irrespective of the fact that she opens her mouth or not! No clear like or dislike and no clear preferences between rice or oats. However, I have noticed that oats seems to suit her better in terms of efficient pooping though. (With all that fiber, what do you expect!)
And so we roll...