Sunday, April 7, 2013

5 Month Milestone

Yes, yes, that time of the month again. The li'l darling is 5 months old and continues to rock (pun very much intended) our lives!
  • She flips from her tummy to back, the minute I put her on her tummy for mandated tummy time or pre-bath oil massages! And on the other hand, she is so lazy to roll from her back to her tummy on her own. She seems to not have any motivation to do so. 
  • She laughs ever so whole-heartedly with so much chuckling and chortling that you'll think she is surrounded by jokers all the time.
  • Her vocalization is very good - lots of haaas, waana, maaas. At certain times, you'd almost thing she said something meaningful :D. Oh, and she talks to everyone and everything - fans, curtains, pillows, bulbs, doors, windows - I really mean every damn thing!
  • Her night sleep has been quite a bit napish this whole month. Hoping for more "sleepful" times ahead!
  • Her favorite sleeping positions are on her side and on her tummy! Trust her to just do the opposite of what is recommended (sleeping on the back, that is)!
  • As I had mentioned before, she has started on cereal. We have begun alternating between rice and oats. She cheerfully sits through her eating time, irrespective of the fact that she opens her mouth or not! No clear like or dislike and no clear preferences between rice or oats. However, I have noticed that oats seems to suit her better in terms of efficient pooping though. (With all that fiber, what do you expect!)
And so we roll...

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