Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bath Times = Fun Times

I don't know if it is the change in weather or our little babe has grown up, but for the past fortnight or so, our bath times have become a lot of fun. 

I remember mentioning in a previous post, how Manya has never ever fussed during the entire bath routine. From her very first bath, she has been the epitome of patience and good cheer, as mommy and daddy gingerly handled her during the oil massages and the actual bathing. However, her facial expression was always stoic - and I bet that if she could talk, she would tell us, "Guys, be careful and be done with this as soon as possible, I am not sure you really know what you are doing or how this feels like". It would melt my heart to see her nervously clutching the sides of the bath tub with both her hands, as she'd stare at our images in the mirror next to the tub. No cries, no complaints, very sober; at most she'd get distracted to admire her self :D.

Cut to the present. We have a giddy cherub wriggling naked on the mat as mommy massages her hair and body with what mommy thinks to be the best oil ever (olive). Then, as the water is filled in the bath tub, the cub rolls and flips all over. And, then the real fun starts when she is in the tub. No more holding tight to the rim - we have her splashing her legs in the water, smiling, laughing, trying to catch hold of the mug and merrily  letting the water fall all over her hair, eyes, face. 
(P.S. I can swear by my life that Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash is indeed tear free!)

While I get to enjoy this everyday, Vish has only the weekends but the two of them, daddy and daughter, make quite an adorable sight playing with the water!

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