Sunday, April 21, 2013

Goodbye to the "I am a new mommy" excuse!

Yes, I finally sat up this weekend and decided enough was enough. I had to snap out of the "just delivered"/ "have a new born"/ "am a new mommy" mould. I was beginning to feel old and decadent - and that is a very scary feeling. 

So here's what I need to do to "reinvent" myself, in the most cliched way: (I promise I will do a periodic analysis to see where I stand.)
  • Get a hair cut: How simple is that! I read on a friend's FB status, "When a woman decides to change her lifestyle, she first gets a haircut." Very true. I was quick to act on this one and got some spring cleaning out of the way :D.
  • Get back in shape: I am 3 massive kilos away from my pre-pregnancy weight (3 might seem a small number but those of have been there and done that know that it's the last couple of pounds that are the hardest to knock off). Not only do I need to shed those off, I need an intensive toning routine too. All the pregnancy and nursing curves and bags need to be tucked in!
  • Get rid of my yoga pants: I need to just throw these away. My best friends during pregnancy, I have worn these everywhere: to the hospital, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, gym and to the bed! And now I have got so used to these shapeless comforting wonders, that these are the only clothes I reach out for in my closet every single day.
  • Dust the cobwebs off the heels: Oh, how I loved wearing heels! It's been more than a year now. Wore them briefly once recently, and boy, it felt great.
  • Get some paint on the nails: Ever since the 8th month of my pregnancy, when I no longer could see my toes, I stopped painting them. Trimming them was a huge exercise in itself, forget pedicures. While I still can't paint my finger nails (for obvious reasons of safety and hygiene for the little one), it's about time my toes got a makeover!
  • Eat out atleast once a fortnight: This one depends a lot on Manya's comfort levels in restaurants  but we need to begin taking her out for the litmus test. I am really hoping for a nice wining and dining evening. Oops, wining can't happen cos I am nursing, but well, dining surely can!
  • Blog regularly: And not just on this mommy blog, but my other one too!
  • Resume reading: I seriously need to restart reading. And I mean proper adult reading, because all that I am reading these days (barring the few parenting magazines I received) is Sam and his little sister, Sleepy Owl, Goodnight Moon, Off we go to grandma's house, Bear on a trike, and the likes. You get the drift right?
  • Call friends: I need to pick up the damn phone and make a few gazillion calls to all those patient friends, who have constantly kept in touch all this while, while getting a superfluous "Call you soon" in response from me!
Anything else that I am forgetting? Please feel free to use the comments section to remind me :)!


  1. Hi Yuvika,

    The first one I did was a hair cut too, but that was after Brindha's 3rd month got over :) You pretty much covered everything.. I really miss the going/eating out, hanging out with friends part still even after 8 months! Wish you crack this hard shell that we get into after delivery, soon! All the best! :) And waiting for more stories..

    1. I am not even considering hanging out in the near future for me too!

  2. I havent watched a movie in three months , or a horror movie in 12 ...and coming from someone who used to watch 3 movies a week, that's something ....The very first thing I plan to do is watch a gory-horror ... sigh!!

    Your list makes me want to move out and conquer the world again :-)

    1. ANd you will conquer it, yet again :).
      Movies, yeah! how did I forget that one - but then wasn't a great movie buff so. Btw, if it helps I saw 3 movies after Manya was born - all on DVD and each required atleast 6-7 sittings :). Sorry for not sounding encouraging :P.


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