Monday, May 13, 2013

Half Year Mark

I am late on this one, but no regrets as was busy having fun with family visiting. So yes, we are half-way through the first year and here's what we have been upto:
  • The highlight of the month gone by has to be M's increased mobility. No, she is not sitting up and she is not crawling. She keeps rolling and flipping and covers quite a lot of distance in the process. Infact, when she has to reach out to an object she rolls in that direction and then flips at an angle to reach to it - some spatial sense that is, huh?
  • She loves to play with the balls she owns (discounting the fact that she puts them in her mouth just like EVERYTHING else) - I have a set of these balls from Sassy, which (if I had to pick) would most definitely be Manya's favorite toys, at this point. I have to mention though, she gets thoroughly pissed off when they roll off beyond her reach - she shouts at them as if commanding them to return. Silly girl! :P
  • Teething or not, she is a voracious carnivore (an apt name given by her cousin, A) at most times. She can devour most objects (only non-edible, btw) - living or not - quite indiscriminately.
  • We have quite a social butterfly in the making. She is happy around people and ofcourse thinks that the world (including all its inhabitants) exists only for her recreation purposes. This is mostly evident from her squeals of delight when she sees people, irrespective of whether they are interested in her or not :D.
  • M is also quite a noisy baby (did I hear you say, after all whose daughter she is?). She screams and shouts. Her mono syllables are stretched a mile long, and her recent achievement is that she has learnt to click her tongue in response to similar sounding noises!
  • Her eating habits are very unpredictable - there are times she readily opens her mouth and then there are days when she zips it up so firm that nothing would go in. We had been on cereal till her 6th month mark and have just started on fruits and veggies. More on that in a later post.

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