Monday, May 20, 2013

Looking back at the first 6 months: 6 things I needn't have bought!

Now to start with a disclaimer, I have never considered myself a hoarder, though at certain instances I might go a wee bit overboard with the "essentials" :D.

So here's an objective assessment of baby things I needn't have bothered to buy. Like they say, one is wiser only in hind sight. (I also plan to do another post of things I am glad I bought, so come back for that one too!)

1. Baby booties: Yes, I mean the cute kinds, the kind that make the background for this blog! I bought such pretty (not to mention expensive - all above 20 USD!!!) crocheted yellow and pink ones for Manya and she didn't wear them a single day. They were all too easy to take off by our wriggling babe!

2. Wipe warmer: I thought I had hit a jackpot with this one when I got a really good one on sale for about 30 USD from Babies r us - it made a lot of practical sense to a heavily pregnant me - we were going to have a winter baby and she would be so comfortable with warm wipes during diaper changes, I thought. We used it for exactly two nights. Why? A, with controlled temperature at home (between 70-72 F), it was never freezing cold anyways; and B, you have to switch it on for 3 hours, then switch it off for a couple of hours and then back on. With trillion other things on your mind, not to mention postpartum fatigue, this should seriously not even be the last thing on your mind.  

3. Newborn-size onesies/bodysuits/sleep-n-play sets: I knew I was going to have an average sized baby (given my birth weight and the ultrasound results), so I thought she'll definitely wear N size for the first first 2-3 months. So, not lots, but I got quite a few of the my first Christmas, my first this, my first that stuff only to have M outgrow (length wise!) all of them by the second week! There were many not even worn once! And since most go around the diaper or have closed toes, you can't really continue using them like you can with plain Ts or PJs! 
(P.S. Vish's BIL was visiting us exactly at that time and mentioned that most clothing companies make sure that the N or 0 size is really small so that you come back for the next size sooner than later. A finance biggie, I'll take his word for it :D.)

4. Baby caps: I got atleast a dozen of these, and ended up using them only twice - once with an outerwear that did not have a hoodie and another time to keep her oily head from soiling the bed sheet (her bath was getting delayed for some reason). Doctors recommended not using caps at home and most of the outer wear for the chilly winters came with their own hoods! 

5. Frocks: I blame my pregnancy hormones for this one. With a November baby on the cards, that too on the east coast, seriously, what was I thinking. Sigh. You are going to have a girl baby - you enter a baby clothing store and you don't buy the cute little frocks! Sacrilege! Manya wore the baby size frocks I bought her exactly twice - that too with PJs at the bottom, jacket on top, and only to please me!

6. Dusting powder: With all the research I did, I don't know how come I went wrong on this one - though I just picked up only one big bottle from Burt's Bees - nothing to make me really broke :D. On the very first day in the hospital, the pediatrician said no talcum powder and no dusting powder, even if it was talc free. Aah! 

Do you also have a needn't have bought list from your experience?


  1. This is a nice informative post dear... As I am all ready for my baby shopping now in 8th month of pregnancy.. he he .. thanks a lot!

    1. Am so glad that you found this post useful. And you are in the home run now - All the best!!!

  2. My list would be
    1. Breast pump - As my daughter never drank from feeding bottle and always has to breast fed directly.
    2. Thermal bags - To keep the breast milk from getting spoiled during travel! Seriously what was i thinking..
    3. Baby sling - We went out often in the first one year but never got around to using this more than twice.

    1. Oh, same here Vasuda! M never took to the bottle! but i did use the pump for easing engorgement and pumping milk for her cereal in the initial days! But yeah, it was pretty much a waste! Lol, I never thought of thermal bags! the source goes everywhere :). I had a sling that somebody gifted, never used it. BUt we bought a baby carrier and that was a boon!


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