Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Musings on my first Mother's Day...

Aah, my first Mother's Day just went by! I felt strange, weird, old, funny, emotional - all at the same time. Among all those mixed feelings, the best feeling was that I had one more day to demand gifts and a special dinner. Yes, yes, the bane of consumerism and all that jazz.

On a more serious note, I am a fairly young mommy - only 6 months old :D (yeah, i am still trying to get rid of that new mommy tag). But nevertheless, I tried to evaluate the characteristics that have evolved in me since November 6th, 2012, which definitely make me a "typical" mom! I could come up with only these:
  • I can sleep soundly through most noise, but one whimper from her highness and I am up even from the deepest of slumbers. (Though that does not prevent me from cribbing about sleep deprivation.) 
  • Though Manya has barely started on solids, I am already obsessing about feeding her, why she is not eating enough, what she should eat etc. etc. Infact I have an MS Excel sheet done up with color coding et al. for foods under various categories, her reactions, and so on.
  • Mom knows best is the only mantra I live by. The doctor's recommendation comes a close second :D.
  • My online browsing, shopping, and reading, infact most aspects of my being now center around M. I have to make a very conscious effort to engage in a conversation that doesn't revolve around children and parenting. 
  • 'No' is the new favorite word around the house. I say that so often that I am beginning to worry if M's first word will be 'No".
  • In any conversation that involves the three of us, Vish is no longer Vish but 'Daddy'. "Say bye to daddy." "Daddy will put you to sleep." Tell daddy to lower the volume, we need some peace." Daddy needs to buy mommy a present." :P
  • The sight of bawling infants no longer appalls me - mostly because I now understand babies are so unpredictable, and more importantly, I am busy keeping mine in check!
  • Whatever be the day of the week: Sunday or Monday, the routine never changes. I need to get up early for a head start to the day.
  • Gone are the days of fashionable purses and bags. I now lug around an ugly monster everywhere that has diapers, wipes, ointment, extra set of clothing, changing pad, blanket, toys, burp cloths, wash cloths and other such 'basic' necessities.
  • Impromptu trips - to malls, to movies, weekend getaways, off to an unplanned destination with just a wallet and cellphone - all are things of the past. I need a longish notice of atleast a couple of hours even to go do groceries. Manya should be well-fed, well rested - it should not be too hot, it should not be too cold, and other trillion such trifles.
Does this sound bad? Have I sunk deep enough into mommyhood? Or worse transformations are yet to come? Time will tell, I guess...


  1. Wow Yuvika !! Just loved it...:-)

    Wish I could see "The junior Yuvika" in a live performance :P

    1. Thanks Aileen! Yeah, I wish you would see for yourself what I am putting up with :P

  2. That was wonderful! :) You're absolutely right on the first point, sometimes Shankar wonders if there's some nth sense at play that I accurately say if she is awake even from another room! :) Thank god, that I am not obsessed enough to put excelsheet for foods.. Another thing I could relate to was the "Mommy knows best" that is heard quite alot in my home! ;)

    1. ha ha ha! yeah i agree the excel sheet bit is crazy, but then i am pretty much that :D

  3. hahahah ...fun read.. i especially loved that ms excel thing ...bill gates would be proud


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