Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tiger, Tiger, Teething Fright!

Well, well, I might have a sleep-deluded brain, but I remember Blake, alright. The deal is that our little tiger has been having a tough week with a lot of what looks like teething symptoms. 

I am saying "what looks like" because there's no sign yet of the pearls and this is already her second painful bout in the last two months - not to mention the occasional aches that last a day or two.

I spoke to her pediatrician, and she confirmed that all symptoms look like she is cutting teeth: inability to suck for long, comfort feeding (especially in the night - I have given up on the dream called sleep), holding the gums and crying, gnawing at every available object, and generally being very listless and irritable. She said that the last time around too, but also added that it was too early and maybe M is just extra sensitive.

Anyway, here's what we have been doing to help her out:
  • Hyland homeopathic tablets: Manya laps them up like it was a treat or something to have these - she could make a whole meal out of them, I think. They seem to be pretty effective as far as the pain relief aspect is concerned. but it doesn't help that biting sensation.
  • Teething toys: Though, everything including, mommy's shoulder bone and jaw line is a teething toy these days, we did get her the branded ones, which she doesn't care for much. She'd rather chew on the sides of her crib and the play gym!
  • Applying pressure: This works the best for us. I wash my hands, dip them in cold water, and then apply pressure on her gums. She loves it, and actually gives out a sigh of relief and a broad smile too!
  • Orajel: Yes, I know the FDA warns - but only against over dosage, especially before sleep time. We tried this a couple of times, and it doesn't work for Manya - she hates the flavor and wipes it off the very instant i apply it - plus she gets even more agitated with that sensation it causes.
  • Cold liquids: I actually refrigerate some milk and juice, and give her a few spoonfuls every once in a while. She responds well to the cold sensation and is actually quite instantly relieved of minor discomfort.
  • Cold apple slice: I clean out a big chunk of a refrigerated apple and give it to her to bite on. Doesn't help much but keeps her distracted for sometime atleast.
Any other suggestions?


  1. Teething biscuits? Would help her a lot to bit on something other than the crib and play gym?

    1. I didn;t find any decent ones on Amazon (my prime shopping point these days) - but I have them on my to-buy....

  2. aah! She is teething so early.I hope she is letting you sleep throughout night.

    1. some nights are really tough - just waiting for the teeth to show up - but looks like its going to be a long wait!


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