Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A little bit of tradition...

While I am not really the person you would label religious or traditional, I do love celebrations every once in a while - especially if they are fun, and involve good food :D. (I could go into details about which rituals and customs I believe in, which I don't, and how I do believe in God, but then that's not the point here :).)

When my parents were here to help during the last days of my pregnancy and the first few weeks post delivery, we celebrated Manya's naamkaran (naming ceremony) on the eleventh day. A simple family affair with the five of us - dad arranged all the puja (prayer) stuff - he actually recited the right slokas (holy chants) and everybody whispered Manya's name into her ear. We all did aarti and even had Ferrero Rocher chocos for modaks (laddoos). Dad's really good with these rituals and has kept in touch with all requisite sanskrit verses for the same. Mom made yummy puris, aloo, paneer, kheer; and we made a short trip to the temple with a peacefully sleeping cherub cooperating all the way.
Here's a picture from that day...

This Sunday, Vish and I did the annaprashan (grain initiation ceremony) for our daughter. Technically, Manya was already on rice cereal and oatmeal (both being grains) but it was all baby cereal, you know. Not grains grains as such (my argument for having the ceremony so late) - she can now actually eat most table food, so I thought now would be a more befitting time, which it was because I could make her taste a little of everything I made that day (a spread with a small variety). We also went to the temple and M enjoyed the trip because she loves bright lights and sparkling stuff, and there's lots of that in a hindu temple, right?

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