Monday, June 17, 2013

First Father's Day!

I was all gung-ho for M's and Vish's first Father's Day. A mini surprise was planned for the man of the occasion :D.

"Baked" a no-bake Oreo cheesecake, which was a huge success. Link to the recipe and the pic in my blog post here
Then, we got daddy dearest a personalized mug with his favorite pic of his daughter and him, which said "World's Greatest Dad"!

And finally, M wore the following T:

(For those who don't know M's daddy is a great guitarist who loves a wide variety of music, especially, rock, metal, and the likes.)

I arranged everything - the cake, the mug, and Manya in the T shirt on the dining table just before Vish came down for his morning coffee. His expression was priceless - like he wasn't sure what hit him. Well-worth the effort that went in at unearthly hours so that the surprise remained a surprise till the end :).


  1. Good for u manya is a early riser!! What a lovely surprise it must have been :)

  2. Cute gesture. Proud pappa.

    Joy always,


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