Saturday, June 15, 2013

On the prowl

It never ceases to amaze me how babies make progress hour on hour. Till about a week back all that our little tiger could manage was moving around making swimming strokes. M went from that to scooting to full-fledged crawling in just about 24 hours. 
As expected, this has wrecked great havoc in our anyways-not-so-peaceful lives, for the past couple of days. She is so fast! A blink, and she has reached I-don't-know-where!

Btw, she still can't sit properly yet. She squats like a frog on her thighs but is not able to go all the way back on her bum unless she has some support. With the support of furniture, she sits up pretty well on her own. Her other favorite activity is to dive down to the ground from the couch - while Vish and I nervously hang on to her legs, PJs, or whatever we can get hold off to keep her from falling down. And once down, she wants to be on the couch again. Did I ever mention kids are crazy? 

Oh, and she also literally shocked us the other day by almost standing up clutching to the couch. Since it happened just that once, we are thinking it was only a fluke. (Yeah, we are still awed with the crawling bit as of now, and want to be cribbing about that a while before going on to the next 'dangerous' phase :D.)

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