Thursday, June 6, 2013

S for Seven and Summer!

Yes, the seventh month was welcomed with a lot of (unwanted :D) sunshine and warmth (read: heat). And the mother-daughter duo have been spending a lot of time doing nothing :P.
  • M is all over the place. She is not really crawling in the strictest sense of the term - but swimming around. She has forearm strokes, backward strokes and what not to keep moving wherever she wants - cool, I guess, considering it gets her job of creating havoc done! We are still on phase 1 of child-proofing (just getting things out of her way, moving the center table out of the way etc.) - hoping to hang low a little longer (if we can help it). She is also trying to sit and stand with the help of support, and has begun to show some signs of frustration at not being able to do so!
  • Diet's mommy's milk, cereal, fruits and veggies - and some formula milk sneaked into the cereal or the veggies once in a while. We have a clear favorite: applesauce (after mommy's milk, ofcourse)! I must also add that I tried giving her water and she just loves it - sips it right off a broad-rimmed glass like an adult! It's a pity water has no nutrient value and I have to limit her intake :(.
  • She is no longer interested in the so many bright (and safe) toys she owns - she now guns for the boring black TV remote, or the white cordless or daddy's and mommy's cellphones, the notebook, magazines and laptops. I still can't help wonder why. Ditto, with eating - she'd rather drink from the glasses we use and eat from the white and black Corelle dishes, rather than her bright and sparkling dinnerware collection.
  • There's a lot of babbling happening too since the last couple of days. Lot of ya-ya, ba-ba, da-da, ta-ta and some really long and convoluted words and phrases which are often succeeded by loud squeals of delight or guttural laughter. I take that as a funny story or a joke perhaps? I needn't specify that we are going to have a (another) happy talker in the family. Impatiently waiting for more meaningful conversations :).
  • Have I mentioned what a keen listener and observer M is. If she is being spoken to, she does sit up and take note. The cutest is I think she now understands the word "come". Every time I say come, she leaves everything at hand and gets ready to "come" - with her arms swaying or her body lifted in that "let's go" posture!
Looking forward to fun times ahead!

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