Friday, July 26, 2013

First haircut

As if it was not enough that mommy has become a manicurist/pedicurist, she is experimenting with hair styling too!

Yes, you heard that right. Manya had a first haircut and I did it for her, right at home, in her bath tub. Before you start hyperventilating, hear me out. It's nothing great. I just combed her shampooed hair straight down onto her forehead and chopped it off straight. Similarly the long strands at the back that have been irritating her for a while were also cut off. Ofcourse, it's a far from perfect job, but it serves the purpose, for the time being.

Her hair was all over her eyes and ears and I had had enough of pushing it back a million times during the day. M herself had started getting irritated - so Vish and I decided it was time she got a trim. We inquired at a few kid salons - but they don't take children less that 1 year of age. Even then, I read a lot of horror stories about even the most expensive hairdressers nipping off the ear every once in a while. So finally, after enough encouragement from Vish and my mom, I took advantage of an exceptionally happy bathing time, when M was busy playing with her water toys. It was simple and quick, and Vish actually said he quite likes it. So, there, I too was happy with the end results.

By the way, history does repeat itself. My mom did exactly the same for me. Infact, she was my hair stylist till I was almost 2. :)

[For those wondering about the hindu ritual - "mundan" (shaving of the head hair completely) - Vish and I have decided not to go for it for various reasons. 1. I come from a family where this ritual is not practiced for girls - and I personally find it quite scary (so even if the ritual was there, I wouldn't have gone for it). The whole idea of a blade all over that sweet little head gives me the shivers. Why to unnecessarily subject my baby to crying and stress? | 2. I don't agree with the religious explanation behind the ritual (previous birth memories, dirty hair from the womb etc. etc.) | 3. There is no scientific proof that hair grows "better" or "thicker" after shaving it off - I have confirmed this from quite a few hairdressers and doctors, even though some moms claim that hair grew more evenly after the shave - but that will anyways happen, I guess. M has decent hair, in any case.]

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