Thursday, July 11, 2013

Of newer feats

A quick update on M's latest:
  • She is getting quite chatty, I must say. No meaningful words yet, but that does not stop her highness from having a lengthy, animated conversation with you, especially if she is in the right mood.
  • Finally, madame's bringing her hands together to clap! The first time she did it I was so so amused - so no guesses what are favorite song these days is. Ofcourse, it is "If you are happy and you know it - CLAP your hands" :D.
  • Though we have installed child gates at the staircase, we had left the first set (of three) open for M to practice climbing within a safe range. She's really taken the challenge to heart. She climbs three stairs in less than 30 seconds. Isn't it amazing how kids figure out things themselves without anybody showing them the way? She's yet to learn how to climb down though.
  • Oh, and someone's discovered (err, rediscovered) gravity. One of her favorite activities is to throw things - her bib, food on her tray, toys, down from the couch or her high chair. And then, if you innocently pick it up and give it to her (thinking she dropped it accidentally), she will plunge it right back to the ground, give you a disapproving nod, and then look down to see where the item finally landed - after spotting it, she'll give you a victorious smile. The cheek, I tell you!

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