Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Seeking cute babies

That was the subject line of an email I received. The body of the mail content began with 'Do you have a cute kid?'

If you haven't guessed as yet, it was a photo contest invite. The winners are promised modelling opportunities, city trips and stardom tours (whatever that implies) apart from other goodies, that in my mind, would be typically useless to a baby really.

So, what's the big fuss about, you ask. 
Well it is this. Ofcourse I have a cute kid and just in case you didn't know I also find her the cutest. And I say it unabashedly because I know every mother feels that way about her baby. My problem is how will you judge which kid is cuter than the other. Even before motherhood happened, I found all children equally adorable. I couldn't ever compare and sorry you big-baby products-corporate, I refuse to let you judge my baby.

Actually, most baby photo contests put me off completely, and what irritates me even more is when parents rush in to send pictures of their baby, making such contests a huge roaring success for the advertising companies. The final nail in the coffin - when you get that mail or FB message saying, "please vote for my baby". Since, a personal response befitting my true feelings would be downright rude, here's a general message for all parents and parents-to-be:

"Dear mommy/daddy, Your little munchkin is absolutely gorgeous. There are no ifs and buts to that statement. If I could, I'd "like" the picture a trillion times and more (because apparently unique likes are not what counts) so that your baby wins the contest, but you know what I am thinking? I am thinking why would you want to make your apple-pie "compete" for a victory that's already under his/her belt. You look at your babe and tell me if he/she is not the sweetest cherub ever? That modelling contract, that hollywood tour, and that personal website - all will happen when they have to. As of now, keep your camera busy and capture the fleeting childhood the best you can - they will be a constant source of joy now and forever for you and all your near and dear ones - why let advertisers make hay at your expense?"


  1. he he ..and i thought i will find some pictures of your baby here. :P


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