Sunday, July 7, 2013

Two-thirds of a year...

...And I still don't know another way of saying that time is flying!

Well, let's see if I can recall everything that's happened in the month gone by:
  • M's on the prowl - she is a pro at crawling fast and when I say fast, I really mean FAST.
  • She is sitting pretty without support and is able to pull herself to a standing positing using little support. She tries to take a step or two but ends up tying her legs in a knot and then doesn't know what to do - so she plonks herself back! I keep telling her walking can really wait, you know!
  • It is official that we have a picky eater to deal with (I am so dreading her 9th month physical checkup - I am dead sure to see a percentile drop - damn!). She has no clear favorites, even though she does try anything new that I give her - but how much she eats of it is a matter solely of her own personal choice. Paah!
  • We hear ha-ha, pa-pa, ba-ba, ta-ta, da-da, aa-kaa, ha-ta, ta-da - no signs of the 'ma' syllable :)
  • Her favorite playing station is the kitchen floor and her favorite toys are wooden ladles and extra tupperware! Seriously, I could have saved a fortune not buying all those play-gyms and activity centers!

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