Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Three-quarters of a year!

Oh my god, the pace at which we are toddling towards the first year mark is actually frightening. Today, Vish joked that we have known M for 18 months now - 9 months outside and 9 months in the womb :). That got me thinking that I should be doing some posts about the earlier nine months too! Let's see if I can come up with something in successive posts. 

Meanwhile our 9 month old monster has been upto a lot recently.
  • She is trying to take a few steps while holding onto the couch. She seems a little unsure, even scared to do the walk really. Still can stand only with support. It's her crawling that is becoming so difficult to cope with these days - she's so fast - in a blink of an eye she's gone!
  • She can babble for a good 5-10 minutes at stretch - she sometimes even answers back. Thankfully, we can't figure out what she's saying!
  • The first signs of tantrum-throwing are apparent. Every once in a while she throws herself on the floor and kicks her legs. Now where do all these babies learn and come from?
  • We are experimenting a lot with food - a whole variety of thick soups, combination foods like daliya khichdi, veggie upma etc.,  yogurts, finger foods like pasta, rice, chappathis, breads, cheeses, and even fruit shakes! The good part: M loves new flavors- she doesn't really "reject" any new taste - btw, I must mention she loves cinnamon! The downside: she doesn't eat too much at one go! She is on some kind of diet you know - doesn't much care for sweet stuff too :(.
  • We have made quite a bot of shopping and other outdoor trips, and touch wood, she seems a cheerful companion. Might I add, she loves changing rooms - all the mirrors and lights - I think (hope) we have a shopaholic in the making :).

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