Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Daddy's girl already!

And how:
  • First thing in the morning, wake up mommy (by crawling all over her), get the diaper changed, and shout out at daddy - go crawl all over him till mommy forcibly drags me out for milk.
  • Stop drinking milk the minute daddy is spotted coming towards the dining and kitchen area.
  • Wriggle out of mommy's lap. No more milk is needed since the very god has descended into sight.  
  • Pull myself to standing position using dad's shorts as support and then firmly wrap myself around his legs while he fixes his coffee. Daddy gives up and asks mommy to finish making the coffee and lifts me in his lap followed by a cuddling and blabbering session at the couch.
  • Refuse to leave daddy even when there's hot coffee exchanging hands. Mommy yet again puts me down with a few toys. 
  • Toys vs. Daddy. There's no choice there. Abandon play area and start licking daddy's toes, till he is all jumpy and coffee has almost been spilled.
  • Daddy realizes he is getting late for work, so runs up the stairs. Without a warning, dash up the stairs behind him, making mommy run after me (and inevitably make her cereal all soggy - urggghhh
  • Crawl into the closet along with daddy, copy his moves, tug at clothes hanging from the hangars and accomplish throwing a few on the floor.
  • Race with daddy to the loo door - both have a 50-50 chance. If I reach first, daddy screams for mommy. If daddy reaches first, I scream for mommy.
  • Finally daddy manages to shut the washroom door without anybody getting mortally injured in the process (never mind mommy's cereal that's been reduced to a gooey mess by now).
  • Scream and bang at the loo door. Throw a mini fit too. Mommy ignores me and takes me down once again so that she can have what is left of her cereal.
  • Breakfast time. Sit in my high chair and keep smiling and laughing at daddy as mommy tries to position the spoon vis-a-vis my facial alignment. Breakfast over the minute dad's done eating.
  • Hang onto daddy's shoulder while he wears his shoes. Attach myself to his back with as much force as possible. Mommy has to literally tear me away.
  • Realize daddy has left. Throw myself on the ground, kick the floor, cry for about 2 minutes, and then reconcile to the reality that is mommy.
  • At the first sound of daddy clicking the lock open in the evening, rush to the gate. Demand to be picked and cuddled immediately. Lick his face and nose and whatever.
  • After another round of nonsensical chatter with daddy, eat dinner watching him play the guitar.
  • Daddy is the best when it comes to putting me to sleep - broad shoulders, lot of fuzzy warmth and lot of patience!
  • If daddy's feeding me, the bib is never pulled out. If mommy is feeding me, the bib is never allowed to stay for more than a second.
  • If daddy's changing my diaper, I just gaze at him still till the entire process is over. If mommy is changing my diaper, I try to sit and crawl away and wriggle all the time.
  • Mommy is too gentle for my taste, I'd go with daddy's roughhousing any day! 
(And mommy rests her case here.)


  1. Darling girl!! Yes of course daddy is always the best - get used to it - mommies come in second (close, but still second :)) As she grows older, daddy will be the good guy and u will be the evil mom and of course she will have him all wrapped around her little finger :))

  2. Nice one, Yuvika. Good proof of what you can tell your daughter when she says the same to you about her kids...It was the reverse with my boys, though. They always listened to me and gave their daddy an extremely tough time. Might be the son vs daughter thing - Not sure. :-)


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