Friday, September 27, 2013

Dishwashing and Laundry

You heard that right: Dishwashing and Laundry are our little pumpkin's favorite activities these days - hands down!

The minute the dishwasher door is opened or the dryer unit unlocked, M leaves everything - eating, drinking, playing, fussing, crying - to run to the site of fun! 

Every night as I rinse the utensils in the sink and arrange them in the dishwasher, she promptly reaches out to take every single one out. With the result that there is water and cutlery all around the kitchen and what would take me a measly 15 minutes, takes a good 40-45 minutes. The mornings are no less peaceful. The minute I open the latch to unload the dishes, our rather generous helper sits ON the open door for better access and throws all the stuff down - one-by-one!

A similar story happens at the clothes dryer too. She flings the washed clothes out - I had a brain wave the other day and now I very judiciously a place laundry basket right in her trajectory. So, inevitably most (quite a few) clothes land up in the basket rather than on the floor. This game is less life threatening (to others) than throwing spoons and forks all over the floor - with the result I indulge her ever so often so that I can either cook or eat in peace for atleast 10-15 minutes. Oh one very funny thing I must mention is that before flinging the garments, she sniffs each one. Crazy girl!

Now, all that I hope is that this helping hand is offered when it is really required and when it will really be of some use (read pre-teen/teen age). But something already tells me that is asking for too much!

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