Sunday, September 8, 2013

M at 10 months!

  • There's ma-ma, finally! Other sounds added to the usual are na-na, ka-ka, and a lot of complicated constructions that are just a lot of mumbo-jumbo to everybody!
  • She is walking with support but is slow at it, and prefers her lightening quick crawling any day, especially when she really needs to get somewhere - like out of the patio door, or into the refrigerator!
  • Her favorite foods are, believe it or not, all greens. She loves spinach, green beans, sweet peas, avocados, and broccoli. In fact, the only way she will eat lentils, potatoes, carrots etc. is if they are masked in greens. Looks like, for the time being, she is not very fussy with most foods and has a huge tolerance zone (like her mother - ahem), but one clear and big NO is sweet potatoes - she will not have it in any form.
  • Her new favorite place is the sun deck in our apartment - she loves crawling on the wooden planks - she could do it all day. The yucky part - she tries to dive down and lick them every once in a while - dirty, dirty girl!
  • To state that most diaper changes are a physical battle between mommy and M will be an understatement. Shittier the diaper, the more wriggly our babe!
  • We see the beginnings of some intelligent actions - like pressing the remote's buttons and then looking for a reaction at the TV. She even looks at the ceiling, whenever we flip switches. The funniest is that when she sees me with the blender, she knows there's going to be a loud sound, so she wraps herself on my legs and gives an anticipatory high-pitched shrill!
And, the countdown to the first birthday has long begun :)!


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    1. what to do but how else to put it - time does really fly!


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