Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beginning to assert independence...

Look who has started taking the right to freedom to heart already! Our almost-11-month-old is quite the cheeky brat. And here are some instances to prove my accusation :).

1. She insists on popping her teething tablets into her mouth on her own. It doesn't matter that they are so tiny, that she takes a while to get a hold of them and then plonk it in. Most of the times, I'd rather not have her dirty them and hence lose their effectiveness before they even enter her system. So, I do the honors - but lately that has become an ordeal. She promptly pulls the tablets out from her hand and then puts them back on her own. Now, if I hold her hands so that she doesn't reach for them - she just sticks her tongue out and spits the tablets. What am I supposed to do?

2. If she wants a toy from her toy box, she wants to fetch it herself. If I see her struggling, and out of sheer maternal love, I hand the toy to her which is obviously not within her reach - her ego is massively offended. She immediately throws the toy back into the box and begins struggling for it all over again - getting all frustrated in the attempt. Oh well, so be it, I say. 

3. If I try to get her to eat a spoon or more after she has indicated that she is done (by clamping her mouth so firmly shut), she holds my spoon with such a strong grasp, pulls it from my hand and flings it to the farthest corner of the room. Maybe, I should take the shut mouth indication as the final "done".

4. Madame also wants to hold her own straw cup - doesn't matter if it takes her a while to figure out where to suck from - and doesn't matter at all if the juice/water/milk is sprayed all over the carpet.

Watch out this space for more harassment that I face :).


  1. Harassment of love, eh? Can't imagine you and the frustrated expression on your face.

    Joy always,

    1. Oh I figure pretty low as far as patience is concerned - working on that - but i get more than just frustrated :(


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