Monday, October 7, 2013

The last of the monthly posts!

M is 11 months old and next month she turns 1. How much ever I repeat that to myself, it just doesn't sink in. So, while all posts about our little cub are extremely special to me, this one gets extra points because after this I would not be doing any monthly updates - yearly for sure - half yearly - I am not so sure. But I am sure there will be a lot to write about otherwise on a regular basis. 

Here's how we look at one month short of the first birthday:
  • Cruising with furniture support is in full swing. She can stand without support for not more than 3 seconds though. She tries to walk holding hands much more often now. But crawling continues to be the favorite means of mobility.
  • There is constant incoherent chatter - mostly imitating the sounds that she understands when we are talking. She tries to copy the tone and expression too.
  • She loves her flavored yogurt a lot. We are doing good with fruits and veggies too. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that. She is quite a pro at most finger foods now - roti bites, boiled rice, poha, paneer, shredded cheese, o-shaped cereal, fruit loops, bread, boiled potatoes etc. This also means that she is engaged for a longer period of time when we tend to eat out at restaurants. 
  • With so much of activity and not being a great eater, M is obviously in low percentiles for her weight. I don't see that improving in the near future atleast, and I often console myself that a happy and healthy child is more important than a plum and chubby babe. Hmmm. Also being a tall kid (she figures way high up in percentiles), she looks much leaner. I always pray at her weight checkup-appointments that God, please tip the scale further - exactly the opposite I'd pray for myself. The irony of age, huh?
Lot of birthday cheer parked for the next month. Amen.

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