Thursday, October 17, 2013

The many uses of books...

M has a decent stock of board books all for herself and she puts them to very good use:
  • Books make great blocks. You pile them up and then throw them all to the ground. It's never ending fun because the possibilities of the ways in which they fall are endless.
  • Books are great teethers. You can chew on them endlessly.
  • Books are best as frisbees (flying discs). Toss them in the air and see them land on somebody's face or some other body part. If that somebody happens to scream, the fun is just doubled.
  • Books can be used as stools too. Apparently, it is comfortable to sit on one book while reading another.
  • This has to be the most ingenuous use ever. M massages her head with the smaller board books - she just rubs them on her head!!!
  • Finally, with all the great pictures and stories, the books can be read too along with mommy and daddy.
(When I see her doing all these antics, I remember the theater workshops in school. The first activity would usually be that an object would be placed in front of the group and you have to come up with novel ways to use it as a prop. And I am beginning to learn that nobody can be more imaginative than an 11 month old!)

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