Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's all "thuhhtay" at 12 months!

An extract from M's dictionary -

Thuhhtay [adjective | aka known as dirty by lesser mortals]
 : anything that mommy does not allow to pop into my mouth <leaves, insects>
 : anything on the floor <fallen pens, key chains>
 : anything that mommy tries to scoop out from my mouth <buttons, carpet fiber.>
 : anything that mommy says "No" to <cell phone, chargers>
 : anything that can be pinched between my finger and thumb <dust, dirt particles, etc.>

For a while now, I have been trying to drill it into our little pumpkin on how what's "dirty" cannot be put into the mouth, in the hope that one day she will get it. Looks like she has got it all too well (and she doesn't mind if it is dirty, but that would be another story). For the last fortnight or so, she has been bringing to us everything that she possibly can and calling it 'thuhhtay'. It does get a little irritating sometimes, especially when she flings my phone away in such contempt, but then when out at the patio she doesn't put dried leaves or insects in her mouth but promptly hands them over to me, I feel good about the whole thing.

However, she has taken this dirt obsession up a notch. She called the Velcro strap of a toy in her Gymboree class dirty and promptly took it to the teacher, who tried explaining (in vain) that they wash everything thoroughly and it's not dirty! At her recent doctor's visit, she pulled out the roll of paper spread on the examination table, tore it into bits and handed it over to the doctor and me, calling it dirty. The cheek, I tell you.  Sigh. At 12 months, it's all thuhhtay!

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