Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The first year milestone!

Oh my! We are onto the year milestones now. I just did a little giddy he he he to myself :).

Okay okay, without getting too carried away, I shoot:
  • Our toothless tiger is having a tough time with those hard gums that refused to let the teeth out. The last week her irritability and crankiness quotient has been at an all time high.
  • Though crawling is the fastest and the preferred mode of mobility, M has been making some effort to walk too. She cruises with the help of furniture quite effortlessly. She stands on her own for about 10 or more seconds and takes two steps forward only to plonk down on the third.
  • We are beginning to switch to cow's milk - one feed a week. Fingers crossed on that one. So far we have had no trouble with the one feed swapped.
  • Her food intake is not great but atleast she doesn't fuss with what's served. Touch wood. It doesn't matter what you serve, she'll eat it if she in the mood for it.
  • Her separation and stranger anxiety comes in fits and starts. She is okay with guests at home or even with people at the stores, malls and her doc's office but when we are visiting someone and if there is a lot of crowd, M inevitably tears up, and becomes extremely clingy.
  • It has been proven adequately by now that she is going to be quite a talker. Her incoherent incessant chatter starts the minute she opens her eyes and ceases only when she finally goes to sleep in the night. I need to share some of her newly acquire vocabulary in another post.
  • Her favorite activities these days are getting books read by mommy and daddy, waving at a yellow school bus every morning, enjoying all the construction equipment on the road in front, admiring all the paintings and pictures up on the walls of our home!
And bracing ourselves for a very eventful second year. Let's rock on!

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