Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Onto regular milk now!

So, M has been weaned completely to regular cow's milk (whole fat, organic). She had been taking formula as supplement milk since month 9 (and before that primarily in her cereal), and finally she is off me and the formula. 

We weaned her over a little more than a month - one feed swapped every 7-10 days. 

How has she taken to it? Like she does to any other food offered. With a pronounced indifference - she doesn't even show, in the faintest of manner, that there has been a change. 

When I changed the first milk feed, I was all excited and expected her to show some reaction - but no - she had it with that same expression - "okay, this needs to be had otherwise this woman will be on my case the whole day." 
She does that for all other foods too - new recipes, new ingredients, new tastes - she doesn't show any excitement or refusal - there's that 'what the hell, let's get this over with' acceptance - which may actually be better than outright refusal but then the flip side is that I really don't know her "favorites"! However, I guess that is not a life threatening proposition, at this point at least :D.

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