Friday, December 13, 2013

The Joy of Giving

(P.S. I have a couple of long due posts and this is one of them.) 

For about 2-3 months now, Manya has learnt to "give". So if you stretch out your hands towards her and say, "please" or simply just "give", she will most likely give whatever she has in her hand or what is available within her reach (unless she really doesn't like you or is in a very bad mood :). She might expect you to promptly return the possession if it is very prized for her, though ;).

She gives quite happily and readily, and that really warms my heart. And you want to know just how gracious she is? If she has nothing to give and has chewed food in her mouth, she'll just pull out the gooey mess from her mouth and hand it over to you. Yucky, yes! But, I swear it's sooo funny (and cute - yes, I am the biased mom :D). 

Then there are those irritating times, when even if you don't want anything, she wants to "give". So, she will continue shoving things in your hand, on your body, on your face, and waiting for a sing-song "thank you" every single time. Such crazy drives sometimes can last upto 30 minutes. Guess, my next task would be to teach her to STOP giving, until then let's enjoy this season of sharing.


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