Monday, December 2, 2013

We have a "walker"!

No, am not catching up on The Walking Dead series. Though I am not sure the walker reference is all that a miss :P.

M is walking independently a lot. She walks pretty much like a zombie - with legs apart and arms stretched out - for optimum balance, I suppose! She plonks down often but is up and about again ever so enthusiastically. 

I am sure if she'd walk a little more slowly, she'd be able to go for longer stretches but then her highness wants to just run the second she stands up. 
We all learn when we need to, right? So be it :).


  1. How is it now? less zombie-like and more assured? I am sure the one thing she does not lack is confidence.

    1. It's much better now - we see improvement on almost-a-daily basis - but she stumbles around quite a bit though. however, now she deftly prefers walking to crawling :)


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