Friday, January 31, 2014

M's growing vocabulary...

So, if you have been on this blog long enough, you know M is quite the talker (or rather, at this stage the blabber-er)! From the beginning, she has not shown much interest in picking up individual words - she guns for the complicated sentence and stanza right-away. It is hilarious because you can have an entire conversation with her (with her doing most of the talking) and not a single word will be recognizable - though I must admit the blabbering is very emotive :D. Because of this very reason, I am sure she will start talking in a full-fledged manner much later than what everybody around has been predicting, including her doctor, who goes gaga over her highness's vocalization!

However, there are a few marked identifiable words that are forming her growing vocabulary. The way she pronounces them cracks us up million times a day. Here's an indicative list:
  • bei bei (always accompanied by the wave of the hand and is her version of bye-bye - pretty close to the intended)
  • haiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (her hi's are always always in hyperbole - it's never just a hi it is a haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)
  • baby (this one's absolutely clear - but who is a baby - any child upto the age of say 13 or 14, and any person in a poster! She called a smiling lady in the ice cream joint poster a baby!)
  • daw (that one's for dog)
  • duuh (not duuh but duck)
  • bitch (yes, you can do a rotfl on this one. We were shocked the first time she said it - but she means bus!)
  • bishh (that's the fish)
  • bow bow (that's for the dog again)
  • beetee (the Beatles poster near the stair way - sometimes she gets confused and calls other posters/photographs with lots of people in it as also beetee)
  • no no (that's is No - it is always accompanied by her finger movement and is always said in sets of two - no-no.)
  • yaa (yes, but I don't think she always uses it in context. In the middle of nowhere, she'll start saying ya ya!)
  • more (she says more for milk and water and then promptly changes her mind)
  • otter (that's water)
  • daayddy (daddy!)
  • mimmi, amma (that's for me, and I dont like how she says amma - it's like a-mmmaaaaaaa. I have told her I am mummy or mommy - nothing else.)
  • dappuh (not dapper really, but her diaper!)
  • Kaaoh (That's car! beats me why she brings in the o syllable when she can stop at kaah!)
  • Tuhh (Truck)
  • tahtuh (Tractor)
  • aaahhppppill (apple)
  • aaahhppy (Happy)
  • muhmuh (cow)
  • ba-ba (sheep, lamb)
  • haawt (hot)
  • nana, mama, anna, thatha - she says them all but we are yet to ascertain if it is to the right people!
  • appuh (that's not appa or apu (sorry, Aps) - it is hippo!)
  • cheeeee (cheese, ofcourse!)
I think that's just about all that I can think of. Me says, toddler hood is looking to be very very amusing. What say you?


  1. Sooo many words!!! Appuh the hippo??? :( Why hippo? Is it in some book she likes? Look forward to chatting with her sometime on skype :)

    1. She has two soft toys that are hippos - one of which you gave!

  2. hey Yuvi - I am going back in time reading your post. Looks like that is a lot of vocabulary for a 14 month old. The bright side is that she is able to express herself and better, you are able to understand it…:).I remember Siddhu used to call cereal(at that time, cheerios alone) - "inthiyam"…Don't know how he came up with that word…

    1. hey sai! that ;s hilarious! yes these are fun times! there's a lot to talk (and laugh) about her growing vocabulary these days!


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