Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The first pearly white!

Now, now, we have waited an eternity for M's first tooth to sprout. She has been showing teething symptoms right from 4 months of age, and when at the 14th month mark she was still all gummy, I was beginning to get a little worried, even though the doc had assured us all was well (infact she had remarked, have you ever seen a person without teeth!), and my mom had said I got my first tooth very late too (late teething, apparently, is genetic).

So, her highness's right maxillary central incisor (my physician friends, please give me a pat on the back for this jargon - lesser mortals know it as the top front tooth) is finally out - it is not completely out, but most of it has cut through the gums. I think the left one is coming up next. I believe the lower middle teeth come out first for most babies, but then our tiger has decided to follow an alternate timeline - well, as long as all do come out - who cares, huh?

And now for some emotional crap - I thought I'd be overjoyed to see her first teeth - I was happy but instantly I began to miss her gummy grins - why are babyhoods so fleeting? Another aww moment was when she refused to rub her gums on my jaw line after the tooth cut through. She'd always do that when that biting sensation was strong - and I'd complain but only lovingly. I loved the feel of her gums - I don't know why she has stopped it - she's still chewing everything off but whenever I offer her my jaw line - she nods her head in denial and points to her new tooth. Does she think it will hurt me now? I don't know so I assume she does it out of concern and not for lack of need (:D). I wish she'd still do it. Or the tooth could have just waited for another couple of months! (Why are mums so hard to please - this way or that?)

But, am also looking at the brighter side of this development. We'll now have a brush set, toothpaste in a couple of months, and toothy smiles will make for a whole new set of great pictures too - lots of exciting times ahead, huh?!?!


  1. Great news...finally the wait is over....I have now been wAiting a whole year for ads to lose all his milk teeth...

    1. Oh god, that's another pain, right! I recently met a 7 yr old who was very depressed cos his milk teeth were not falling off - peer pressure from his class, it seems!

  2. I just found out your blog thru blogadda ! You have a awesome blog dear ...
    your new reader
    xoxo Shreya

    1. Thanks a lot Shreya! Delighted to have you as a reader of the tales!


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