Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The first sniffles...

We had managed to scrape through the first year without any sickness bouts but looks like we are running out of our luck fast. Childhood is a time for all the illnesses and the aches so that Ms. Immunity gets stronger but that also translates into endless worry and sleepless nights! 
(On another note, P.S. every milestone, every illness, every tooth, every thing is associated with sleepless night.)

From the last couple of days M has been fighting a cold. Poor thing is cheery faced about it most of the times expect when it starts interfering with her sleep times. I need not mention the obvious - but the appetite has gone to the dogs - yet again (and not that it is any great otherwise)! 

We are on the humidifier with medicinal inhalant, vaporub, and saline nasal spray routine. No medication for a viral, apparently. Really? Why can't they concoct some magical potions for these sniffles and all the associated discomfort. We also tried the baby aspirator but M was so terrified that I didn't have the heart to try it again. Even more so because she is usually cooperative with most medication and if she really resists, she really means it. (Now that I have said it, she better not become fussy for everything else!)  The other soother - honey - has also not gone down well with her highness - she simply hates the taste. I could take the blame for that since she is not used to any sweeteners whatsoever in her regular diet. Hmmm.

On a lighter (and chillier) note, the freezing winds are making their way stronger and wilder. Manya loves watching the snowfall and since she is under house arrest, that is some distraction!


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