Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!

If you are a parent or have been around children, you couldn't have missed this groovy rhyme. If yes, check it out here

As Manya is talking more and more, we are having more than our fill of daily amusement. For the past couple of days, Manya has been obsessed with pointing out body parts. She starts with the head (ahd), eyes (aaiiiii), nose (nooo), ears (that's aiii again!), tongue and teeth (both are tuh), neck (aih), chest (scheh), thigh (tha), and finally, toes (tho). 

She does it all day! And she will label your body parts too. A few minutes of camaraderie and you will have her tiny fingers poking all over your face and body. Most people find it adorable and so do we the parents. Except that when it happens ALL the time. She does it to her daddy when he is sleeping. And not only that, if she happens to get up in the middle of the night, she will start the routine again - ahd (head) she goes! 
Imagine the horror of being woken up to your eyes being poked at an unearthly hour! 


  1. SOOO ADORABLE!!! Send her here, her doting aunt and cousins won't mind not sleeping at all :)

    1. it ceases to be adorable after a while appu - u know it. but i am thinking looks like you are up for sacrificing your nights AGAIN (bells are ringing :P :D)


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