Tuesday, March 25, 2014


[Warning: This post is loaded with the "awwww" factor" :D.]

So Manya has really been picking up words - she's still ofcourse on the one word at a time communication stage - no phrases yet (and I believe that is a long way to go) but she sure has mastered the skill of getting her point across. For example, "Out", "Walk", "Play", "Book" (which means I should read to her), "See" (This is when I exasperatedly ask her what do you want to do - the cheeky brat says "See".), and so on. 
The cutest of these is of course is HUG, which basically means she is asking, nay, demanding to be hugged that very moment. This happens several times a day, and please note the smart pants' timing:
  • She wants a hug when I am putting her to sleep - now try hugging a baby when she is already in your lap and you are walking with her. I explain (rather scream) to her that I am already hugging her but no - looks like there is a difference.
  • She definitely wants a hug if her sleep gets disturbed at some god forsaken hour in the night.
  • Just when I begin to eat or drink something, her highness comes demanding a hug.
  • If I am at the laptop, hugs shall be needed every 3 minutes.
  • Hug is also a topic changing strategy. If I start telling her a story that she doesn't want to hear or engage her in some activity that doesn't interest her, she cuts me midway and says hug.
  • If I am talking on a phone, there is no way she can stay without the hug.
  • Hug is also apparently a symbol of peace - a white flag that she hoists. If she is upto something that she isn't supposed and I happen to catch her, she quickly, in the cutest of tones, will say, hug. Ditto if I raise my volume or say NO.
If that is not all, the hug is said in the most endearing manner that try as much as I to convince myself that she is faking all the cuteness to get her way, I still cannot resist hugging her. What a drama queen we have, I tell you!


  1. Love it! Its so adorable!! Is the hug only for mamma and papa or will others also be allowed to hug her? Girls are the best, I tell u...and they stay cuter for so much longer than boys :)

    1. actually she is quite the dil phenk types as they would say in delhi - but i dont know what triggers the affection - sometimes she randomly goes and hugs one of the parents in her gymboree class and sometimes she'd not even hug anybody :)

  2. Loved your blog Yuvika,this one and all others, i can get the time to read :) ! Btw, we also go to gymboree here in hyderabad, but are finding it quite monotonous week on week, is it a better design out there?

    1. aah it picked by hubby's id automatically, this is harsha nagi

    2. thank you Harsha for writing in. Umm the GYmboree here also has similar activities on a regular basis - they do try to change the theme fortnightly - but i can understand what you by monotonous - for us the more important aspect was getting M to interact with children her age - otherwise there's no such interaction here (something that we take for granted in india - given the community set up!)


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