Monday, April 7, 2014

17 reasons my 17-month-old has had meltdowns!

M has been showing us her fiery side more often than not. Her temper tantrums aside, we have lately had some tearful meltdowns for the silliest of reasons - I mean I have wanted to shake her and tell her that life is much more cruel and worse, and tears should be saved for that. (Yes, I try to remember that she is only 17 months old :(.) 

Here are some of the most inane crying episodes by our feisty lady in the last couple of weeks:
  • She pinched me so hard and I shouted, "Ouch, that hurts so bad!" That's it, she started howling, "hurt", "hurt", with spurious tears rolling down those cheeks. Apparently, I can't say I was hurt. Only she can get hurt. And so, even though I was hurting, I had to say sorry! WTF!
  • M plays a lot with her soft toys and walks them and pats them to sleep. Now, she has this big plastic ride on puppy toy that has wheels - she spent some 15 minutes trying to place it in a sleeping position but obviously couldn't - imagine putting a tricycle to sleep. After that she cried in frustration, shouting, "shleep, shleep", and looked at me with tears in her eyes, "peppe no shleep". Gosh, I wanted to tell her that's exactly how I feel when you don't go to sleep. 
  • At some random time during the day, she brings the phone to me and says, "call". I was like there's nobody to call - I don't want to talk to anybody. That was enough for a tantrum to happen. She burst into tears, "call, talk".  I spent the next 15 minutes talking on a phone with nobody on the other end while her highness kept on looking at me and smiling. Seriously, WTF.
  • The brat just needs an excuse for a crying session so that she can abandon her meals (read more about this in my post here). She wants me to feed her doll. And I always oblige. But the other day, she threw a fit because the doll was not eating. I had put some of her food on the doll's mouth, and she was crying at the doll - "eat, eat." (looks like she clearly understands the emotion I go through when she does not eat :P).
  • The dog that she came to look at, at the window, left without saying "bow bow" - so the next 10 minutes were spent crying "bow bow, bow bow"
  • She got up at 4 in the morning and shouted "bath bath". When I firmly said "no bath", we had a 15 minute crying session.
  • She cried when I was walking with her in my lap, patting her to sleep, because she was shouting "hug, hug" (more hug stories here). And I was shouting back, I am already hugging you, you silly goose".
  • Another tryst with her toys: she cried because "Polo" wouldn't "shit (sit)", only "shleep". The soft toy ( a baby polar bear) is made in such a way that it looks like it's on all fours - but she was trying to balance it on its non existent bum!
  • Her highness has a skewed fashion sense. She cried her heart out because I did not let her wear mismatched pair of shoes - on hindsight, I could have avoided this meltdown by just letting her wear it - big deal, no?
  • One more crying session because the heart shape wouldn't go through the triangle shape in her activity toy. I tried showing her the slot for the heart shape but no, she was going on trying to put it through the triangle slot (and crying and crying).
  • She also cried because I did not let her put her sippy cup upside down and spill the milk on the carpet.  
  • A violent crying session happened because Vish had closed the door on her as he was working from home and had to take a call.
  • We cry everyday because we don't want the bath time to end - ever because ducky or a leg or an arm would still be "dirty".
  • Another recurrent crying session is because mommy refuses to read the same story for the 159th time in the day.
  • And also because the mean mommy refuses to sing that stupid nursery rhyme for the 248th time in the day.
  • One big reason for an at-will meltdown is because the trash can is locked away before she can get her hands on it.
  • And finally, we end up crying, because we have been crying and because we have forgotten the real reason why we started crying - and so there is so much confusion, so we cry some more.

At this rate, I might just go bald pulling my hair in frustration, even before the terrible twos begin!


  1. U've just summed up everything.
    I mean...
    Cry: if u don't wana talk
    Cry: if u wish to talk to sum1 else n nt 'em
    Cry: if u dnt tk permission while going to d loo (especially) or for sum othr job
    Cry: if u skip a 'sorry' or 'thank you', wen xpctd
    Cry: if u praise another kid infrnt of 'em (datz a crime actually)
    Cry cry n cry...
    Am sure v were much 'SHAREEF".

    1. lol, yes monica i am sure we were better!

  2. Couldn't stop laughing looking at the way you have written this blog :-)

  3. HAHAHAAHAHA!!! Oh yuvicha!!! I could totally imagine your face and expressions! This blog of yours made my day!! Sorry, for laughing at your misery! Let's not forget "Karma" but sweet heart M and you are so adorable :) Cant wait to meet her :)

    1. Karma...aah yes! I wish we could all meet up sooner than later!

  4. i cant find a "rofl" smiley :-) :- ) so here it is in written form:

  5. Now I am wondering what will Manya do to you if she reads your bolgs in future :P:P:P

    1. I know! I am dead sure she is not going to be happy and we will have some more tantrums :D

  6. I have to say m has a good vocabulary for her age. With mommy like you that is no surprise. .. loved your blog every bit... :) here is to terrible teos and more tantrums

    1. Cheers to the Twos :)
      Yes, M has a fairly decent vocab for her age and I wish I could take all credit but it is also because of the fact that she is exposed to only one language - since english is the only common one between Vish and me - we are hoping we will get her to speak hindi and tamil too in the coming years but as of now it's only english everywhere and so she picks up fast.


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