Thursday, May 15, 2014

M at 18 months!

We are well into the path that leads us to the Terrible Twos! Our chipmunk is a volcano of activities and has new tricks and words up her sleeve almost every single day - It is actually getting tough to keep account of all these sweet nothings and terrifying naughtiness!!

Let's see what all I can remember!
  • I have to start with M's vocabulary - It is growing by leaps and bounds - she picks up new words all the time - like a little sponge absorbing everything, She has started applying the words in context and can hold a conversation with one word and two-word phrases. I must do a post on the kind of conversations we have. Up next!
  • She runs all over the place, climbs over chairs and tables, threatens to dive down and then jumps up and down as onlookers suffer panic attacks. She makes Vish or me lie down on our backs and then mauls us like no tomorrow - gosh - I wonder where all the energy comes from.
  • As always our skinny and leggy baby is very conscious of what she eats - greens, fruits being her favorites. Apart from cheese anything remotely fattening does not suit her taste buds! I am done getting worried now - there's only so much one can worry!
  • We have started going for walks and to the park very regularly now _ I must do another post on all the fun we have! Our very social diva stops to wave hi at every single person and vehicle. Dogs get a hug too!
  • M has started playing independently a lot more. She does various pretend-and-play sessions with her soft toys and doll. Loves the shape sorter activity and her wooden puzzles too. I think she just might be read for more dolls, kitchen sets and the likes! Which reminds me she does have an airplane but needs cars - she has been showing a growing fondness for them!
  • Generally a happy and affectionate kid, she has still not gotten over her stranger anxiety - some days she is great - some days there's downright bawling. The latter happens more often when we visit peoples' houses. However, after the first 15 minutes or so, she warms up pretty well.
  • Now the tantrums  - Madame does have quite the temper. She walks away in anger if she doesn't like what I am telling her. She sometimes throws herself on the floor crying - though this has reduced quite a bit because she knows that way she is not getting anything that way (fingers crossed now). Most times, she is very persistent with what she wants and does not get distracted easily. Also, since she has the language advantage, it is very difficult for me to pretend as if I don't get what she's saying :D. I mean if someone's screaming "water - play" - anybody would put 2 and 2 together ;)!
  • We need to now get some non-toxic paints and crayons to engage her more constructively - she has done enough of sorting potatoes and onions, arranging diapers, unloading dishes, laundry, and "cooking" :). 

Phew - I think that's about it. I just realized I need to write up a couple of posts else I'll lose lot of the small details to memory. Soon. Soon.

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