Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Special: Confessions of a Toddler's Mommy!

It is not easy being a mommy and it is almost impossible to be that perfect mommy - the one who doesn't raise her voice at her kids, is patient - always, is immaculate herself and sets the perfect personal example, whips up yummy but all healthy and organic food for her children, the children love her, there are no tantrums, no yelling, and there is utopia. 

As I struggle to beat the ideal mommy, I fall, and slip, and stumble - most of the times - and yet we seem to be getting by. So, here are some confessions I have to make this Mother's day as a mommy to a (terrific, umm, terrible, umm terrifying) toddler:
  • Every night I promise myself that how many times M gets up in the night, I will not yell at her. But, exactly at 3:00AM when she gets up demanding a bath or a book read, and in that very irritable voice I shout - Manya it is still night - SLEEP!
  • I many a times don't bother putting things back in their place after M has created havoc - I mean who cleans the doorway between snow storms. Why bother!
  • I always eat my meals before M. Else I don't have the energy to sing and dance at every spoonfuls of hers.
  • Because I want M to have healthy eating habits, I eat noodles (Maggi), chocolates etc. on the sly - when she is not looking or sleeping. :o:O. I also do that because I don't like sharing :D.
  • I am guilty of having woken up M from her naps or sleep - just because I couldn't resist kissing her in her sleep. :(.
  • What is worse than the above is that I am guilty of getting annoyed when she wakes up even though I had been the cause for it. :( :(.
  • Whenever I really want two minutes to myself - to have my meal in peace or blog or anything, I allow her to play with water in the kitchen and make all the mess she wants - It is a different matter that the time I spend cleaning up is often much more than the time I get to myself.
  • Like all good parents I vow to watch my language in front of her - but when she calls me a "silly goose" and "lazy", I realize I can never be too careful.
  • I hate comparisons with other kids on development milestones etc. - yet every once in a while I am stupid enough to Google stuff like "My 17 month old does not put the stacking rings in order. Should I be worried?" Or every week I try to search this phrase "My daughter does not chew food that is semi mashed - it should either be completely blended or completely dry, else she throws up. Is this okay?" It doesn't matter sometimes what the doc says, huh?
  • I have always hoped and wanted to be one of those super cool mommies who don't make a big hullabaloo out of every small parenting issue - who take motherhood in its stride - yet 11 AM and no poop is like the biggest problem on the face of this earth. The next is 4 hours and no food or milk intake. And god forbid, there is a puke session - it is like my blood pressure hits the roof with worry. God, I swear my hair is already greying!
  • Very religiously, I try to serve the healthiest of meal choices to M - organic spinach with lentils, butternut squash soup, avocado and berry smoothie - but at other times when I am cooking and need her to be distracted so she is not constantly tugging at me - I end up giving Cheerios or even those horrible store bought cookies to her!
  • Any mom would be delighted to have her child engage himself/herself independently - but I fail here too. For the first 5 minutes I am in denial and wait for her to come whining back to me. The next 10 minutes I feel so happy and wonder what all I can accomplish. The next 5 minutes I spend feeling bad - what is the use of me being at home if she has to be so quiet all by herself. The 21st minute, I go and hug and her and ask her if she wants me to play with her or read to her. Half an hour later, when I have read the same book over and over again atleast 10 times - I kick myself for having interrupted her unnecessarily!
  • Then there are days when M just behaves so badly, and she gets the royal ignore from me and a semi-timeout and when she's all cool and collected and I am still ignoring her, she comes upto me and in hermost cheerful of voices says, "Hi, hug!". And I end up feeling like the worst mommy in this whole big world!
  • And finally, I crib and I crib saying I don't get time for anything and am occupied 24/7 with M's chores - the truth is - that she does nap, she does sleep early, and she does play on her own for a couple of minutes at a stretch at various points during the day - but then when she is not around - I just throw my legs up and snuggle with some reading or day dreaming  and then hustle and bustle with all the chores when she is up and about ;). 
So, fellow mommies - what do you feel guilty about?


  1. Love your candid confessions yuvika
    ....and the way you mention your daughters name as M..awww i love it..

  2. Love you both😍 god bless

  3. I am also guilty of eating unhealthy food slyly.. guilty of giving unhealthy food to keep her occupied. .. but that happens once in a week or maybe more. Not often...

    1. what to do - we also need to resort to such ways for our own sanity, no?

  4. i connected with the last point totally! when Zach is sleeping, I end up reading or playing games on my phone (which im still promising to uninstall asap) instead of doing chores and getting things ready for him when he wakes up. and now that he doesn't nap as often, the free time goes by in a jiffy..

  5. Ha ha! These points are nothing till they join school. After that packing them to school and making them do homework is ....... apppaaaa. Instead enjoy parenting a toddler

    1. lol!i am sure at each stage the previous stage is better!

  6. Omg! I m guilty on all above counts!! Every single one of them! M so relieved now..i used to think i must be d only non perfect mommy who does this!! Dig ur style! M totally hooked on..will read all ur posts! Keep them coming :-)

    1. Thank you Shweta! I am glad we have more mommies in the same guilty club!

  7. I felt as if you have written my own thoughts. She is sleeping now and instead of doing any work that I know has to be done am busy in surfing net. Really loved your sense of humor.


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