Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Onto sentence construction now!

For the last fortnight or more, our little munchkin has been trying to string words together and make her own sentences - and by that I mean not just repeat what we have said but put words together on her own in a way that she perhaps hasn't heard from us.

Here are some gems:

"Take your lap"
This is repeated a thousand times in a minute sometimes - and at times it is so annoying that I shout back, "take my lap where?", and pat comes the reply, "Take daughter your lap." Alright then!

"Where is daddy go/gone"
She substitutes daddy for everyone and everything else too, but that question about daddy is asked a trillion times, even if he in in the next room!

"Have a bath"
Ofcourse, just in case you had a doubt on this one - by this she means that she demands to have a bath NOW.

"Daughter falling, save her"
You decode this one!

And this one, she came up with today, and it is indeed the most priceless:
"So many waters falling outside"
...The cutie was referring to the rain!

In addition to this, we have a lot of verb constructions...I often joke that M gives a running commentary of what's happening. Mommy eating cereal, daddy playing guitar, spider crawling up, Light switching on, Daddy troubling Manya, Kitty kissing puppy, Bruno hugging Teddy...and it goes on and on 24/7.

Some other phrases that are quite endearing at this stage are:
- Hug you, Love you, Kiss you
- Don't trouble
- Goodbye daddy, come soon (She says this every single time he says bye!)
- WooooWW
- Just look at that!
- Who is that?
- What's that sond (sound)?
- Lie down on coch (couch)/bed
- Just one more time/ one last time (always at bath time!)
- Cancel the call (when she wants me to end my phone conversations)
- Daddy gone to work to office
- Show to daddy (She wants to show everything to daddy - toy, hurt, hairband, dress!)
- But what happened (every single time I blow my lid off or give her a time out or ignore her tantrums)

So this is what is happening...:)


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