Tuesday, January 20, 2015

To the other end and back!

We are back at our post after our big fat Indian vacation that did last quite a bit. All's well - as well a toddler can be. I plan to slowly check off all my pending posts and might consider back dating some for sake of chronology (and so that when I am senile and old, I will have everything recorded in order :p).

One indication that we have travelled far and beyond, is that every day M asks when are we going to the airport next and where are we headed - when I tell her nowhere, she offers, "okay, let's go the market, mall or the doctor's"...Yes, I have to bring some kind of structure to her days - have some rotating activities, join a play gym, I am even thinking of sending her to a play school or something on her own - all that and more as the fogginess of the jet lag clears off.

Signing back in...

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