Saturday, February 7, 2015

Documenting some old conversations...

I shared these on FB during our India trip when blogging seemed a tad bit difficult. Posting these here now.

M has perfected the art of throwing things - At noon today, seeing her throw mud from the pots in the balcony down, I lost it and yelled at her.
Me: Manya enough is enough. You will not throw anything down - the next time you throw something down, I'll throw you.
M (grinning): Don't say that Mommy.
Me: No, I am serious. If you throw something, I throw you.
M looks at me straight in the eye and with open defiance, throws a fistful of mud down.
Me (with fuming anger): That's it. I'll throw you down.
M (with mock fear): No mommy please don't throw me down.
Me (with real fury): Why did you throw the mud down?
M: Mud not saying don't throw me down.
Me (to myself): WTF.
Me (to Manya): Okay, but did the mud say please throw me down?
M: No.
Me: Well, then you shouldn't have thrown it down.
I thought to myself I had won this battle with reason and my victory applause had hardly subsided that M again threw some mud down.
Me (in a shade of raging red): Again, Why did you throw the mud AGAIN?
M: Mud said, Manya please throw me down.
Me (to myself): WTF WTF WTF - my hair will go grey before we get over this toddlerhood-bordering-on-preschooler phase.
Me (to Manya): You just earned yourself a timeout. Now.
M: No timeout - Manya is very dirty - Let's have a looong bath.
Me: a long pause.....
[If you are still wondering, yes, I am typing this as my daughter is busy enjoying her bath, while I have her towel ready for when her highness decides to step out - PHEW]


Manya's spin on her jet lag: "Nani's house all day all night. Morning soo dark"
(She refuses to acknowledge the fact that it is she who is sleeping "all day" and up "all night"!!!)

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