Monday, February 23, 2015

Love, Hugs, and Kisses

At present, M's world is divided into two clear categories: people, animals, insects, plants, things, places etc. that love her and those that don't. Or that she loves and doesn't.

 Ever had conversations with a pint sized know-it-all? This is how they go:

"Mommy bubbles love me." 
"I love spiders, spiders love me?"
"Birds love Manya"
"Does the man (some random guy on the road) love Manya?"
"Waters love Manya"
"Manya loves ducks"
"I love airplanes"
"Dogs love me"

...You get the drift.

What a loving, lovable child, you say. Wait till you see how this love translates to the physical:

"Mommy, I want to hug the bubbles - I don't want the bubbles to get popped" (Often succeeded by loud whining from M, and exasperated sighs from me. WTF.)
"There's a spider in the garage, I am going to kiss it" (Succeeded by panic stricken - yuck, don't do it outburts from me)
"I want to hug the bird when it is flying" (Succeeded by frustrated attempts from me at explaining that human beings cannot fly)
"I want to hug the man" (really, WTF!)
"Water hugged and kissed Manya" (followed by a screaming session on why it is not okay to pour water on yourself at whatever pretext!)
"I want to hug the duck" (Succeeded by desperate running behind a maniac rushing into the pond)
"I want to kiss the whole airplane" (whatever f*&^ that means)
"Mommy, I just hugged and kissed the dog. It kissed me on my mouth and nose and face. (Followed by a cardiac arrest seeing M's wet face and lips and just hoping that the wetness of the lips is not because of ummn "kissing")

The list just goes on. There's too much love and PDA going around. 
(More about obsession with the canines in another post!)


  1. Yes this looks like too much you are getting a dog?:)

    1. NOOO but I can foresee M creating some trouble at that front.


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